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Anthony has played an ongoing and integral part in our eco-art project on Corfu Island in Greece. Initially, his work was about connecting our hearts to the land, thereby listening to the silent place where creativity marries human dwelling with the land. This process was followed by a well-informed, pragmatic capacity of Anthony's varied experience and knowledge about sacred architecture and life honoring eco-building techniques combined with an ease of communication with local experts. He is a true artist with down to earth architectural know-how.

—L.S., London, England

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Anthony Lawlor is a joy to work with. His approach was collaborative and he was highly skilled at helping us decide what we wanted based on how we live in our home, not on some arbitrary style, magazine photo or even his own tastes. Then he took our input and came out with just the right design solutions that also fit within our budget. Even if you think you know what you want, Anthony is able to help you tap into a deeper level of awareness that might surprise you. It did us! We would work with him again in a minute and highly recommend his architectural design and consultation services. 

—J.S., Mill Valley, California

Anthony is flexible, insightful, talented and creative. He knows what he is doing and has the ability to understand the intent behind the words, then translate them into physical form. He created a detailed conceptual model for me of a resort we'll be building in Italy and did a fantastic job. Highly recommended. 

—C.A., Berlin, Germany


Anthony Lawlor has designed a wonderful house for me in the country outside Petaluma. I am so happy with the way he interpreted my unformed thoughts about something modern and sleek and at the same time rural and quiet. Anthony has been exceptionally pleasant to work with, efficient, insightful, resourceful and respectful of my ideas, but ready to redirect with wise and creative insights. He knows how to work with the planning and building departments and has taken care of so many details with great patience and good humor. Ultimately, I couldn't have picked a better architect.

—C.K., Stinson Beach, California

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The Temple in the House by Anthony Lawlor is a rare, important and beautiful book. It has style, substance, art, depth and usefulness. We all need to be educated in finding a home that pleases the soul. This is the best guide I’ve seen. I treasure it. 

—Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul

“The Temple in the House by Anthony Lawlor is a living temple in which the soul of architecture and the architecture of the soul are brilliantly evoked. The reader is magically led through patterns and proportions that transform the ordinary house into a charged place of spirit.

—Jean Houston, Ph.D. Author of A Mythic Life

Anthony Lawlor’s A Home for the Soul is that rare work that is at once transcendent and practical. A beautifully crafted guide, it reveals myriad pathways for making havens of our homes and rituals of our daily tasks. Most vitally, Lawlor shows us room by room, object by object, how we might make soulful poetry of our everyday lives.

—Phil Cousineau, Author of The Painted Word

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I worked with Anthony Lawlor as an art consultant on a project to build a retreat center in Greece. I saw how he worked with his clients in helping them get to the soul of their dreams and making them real. He has a gentle guiding quality that brings out what the client really wants, even before they know it. Anthony listens and then adds his own brilliant touch that is never out of line or controlling. When you choose to work with him you are in for a wonderful adventure that takes you home.

—S.L., Santa Rosa, California

Anthony Lawlor goes looking for the quality that compelled us to go to architecture school in the first place—the elusive yet insistent notion that sacredness can dwell in all places. He found it, and better yet, he shares it with us.

—American Institute of Architect's Journal

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What makes The Temple in the House so useful are the tips Lawlor offers on how to find and create sacred places.

—Natural Health Magazine

Anthony Lawlor fills his books with wonderful tales that steer us toward viewing architecture as well as the world around us more carefully and more spiritually.

—Fine Homebuilding

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