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To live with vitality and connection, your creative imagination needs to be acknowledged and expressed in fresh and innovative ways... 




For your creativity to flourish, it is essential to have a place that inspires you to make 

great work... 




Writing, art and design that shimmers with vitality and connects with those who see it comes

from being attuned to creative flow...




Every writer, artist and designer experiences those

moments when fresh insight and energy  

helps move their work forward...

Ignite Your Imagination

To live with vitality and connection, your creative imagination needs to be acknowledged and expressed in fresh and innovative ways. There’s nothing better than feeling your creative juices flowing. Yet, even the most seasoned creators reach plateaus. You can get stuck repeating yesterday’s inspirations or are blocked from discovering new flashes of imagination. You feel it there inside you wanting to come out. But no matter how hard you try, nothing works. At these times, it helps to see your work with fresh eyes, feel its pulse with reinvigorated emotion and brainstorm some different possibilities. You could use an ally to stand with you and bring forth the inner fire that’s burning to be shared.


That’s where I come in. Whether you are an experienced artist or starting your creative journey, I can support you in unfolding your unique talents and translating them into more meaningful and satisfying creations.


Creative Space
Establish Your Creative Space
Creative room.jpg

For your creativity to flourish, it is essential to have a place that sparks your imagination and facilitates your working process. Whether it is a corner of a bedroom or a large, dedicated studio space, you need to establish a setting that urges you to dream and invites you to engage in the messy process of translating inspiration into tangible form. As an architect and an author of books on architecture, I have gained decades of knowledge and experience in ways to attune spaces to your specific modes of creativity.

Creative Flow
Move In Creative Flow

Creating work that shimmers with vitality and connects deeply with those who encounter it is the constant challenge of a creative individual. To do so, it is important to keep the channels open to imaginative questions that offer new perspectives and encourage new approaches to your working process. This pursuit calls you to explore the frameworks through which you see the world and discover ways to free yourself from self-imposed limits. It invites you to let go of preconceptions, become present and rediscover the world with beginner’s eyes. Since your creations can only be as inspired as you are, it is essential that you learn the specific ways that spark your flow of creative energy. This is precisely what we do in Creative Ally Sessions. 

Ally Sessions
Benefit From Creative Ally Sessions

A Creativity Ally Consulting Session might go something like this: You have the spark of a fresh idea or you have reached a dead end and have no ideas at all. You may be in the middle of a project or may believe that after much work you are going nowhere. The finish line may be in sight, but you don’t know how to bring your project to a satisfying conclusion. You contact me and we meet in person, via Skype or on the phone. With an experienced pair of fresh eyes, a receptive heart, an insightful mind and a supportive presence, I listen to you tell me about your project. You describe it and show me what it is. You tell me what inspired you to begin this project and what you hope it will become. You delineate what went wrong and describe the obstacles and challenges you are facing. After listening to you, I describe the underlying patterns I perceive shaping your project. We work together to reconnect with the initial sparks of energy and insight that inspired you and define the patterns through which you create. We use that spark as a gateway to the source of creative ideas within you. Established in your creative source, we explore new patterns that can facilitate your creative flow, help you make fresh connections, and find inspiring openings to carry your work forward. Based on what we develop during your session, I suggest homework you can do to put the progress we made into action and provide a starting point for our next Creativity Ally Consulting Session. You come away reinvigorated about the new possibilities of your creative work.

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